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Due Diligence Checklists
A 118 page set of checklists. Questions to ask before you buy or partner with a company.
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  • Business Information Sites - Key Online Investigatory Resources, Analyst Reports & Financial Market Info, Business Magazines and Newspapers, International Trade, General Reference, Business Travel, Locating Consultants, Miscellaneous
  • Healthcare Industry Sites - Health industry and consumer healthcare sites, links, mailing lists and newsgroups
  • Business Services and Favorite Sites - Interesting Business Services, Information Sources on Publicly held and Private Companies

Business Research Sites (hundreds of screened sites)
Where to Start Your Online Research on a Company
Key Investigatory Resources Complete Federal SEC (EDGAR) filings for all U.S. publicly held companies. The Thomas Register - America's leading directory of Manufacturing Companies. PRNewswire - a database of the most recent 12 month's of press releases for most major companies. IPO-Central - listings of upcoming IPOs and the performance of past ones.
Business Research Portals and Directories A compilation of the best business links directories and search engines.
Analysts & Financial Market Info Dun and Bradstreet's MarketPlace Reports - a collection of over 1000 industry profiles researched and written by D&B's industry analysts. Hoover's Guides - detailed reports on most U.S. companies of any substance. Find/SVP - the most complete source of market and industry studies in the World.
Business Magazines and Newspapers Do on-line searches of Business Week, The Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, INC Magazine, The New York Times, Upside Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and over thirty weekly business newspapers for articles on specific industries, markets, technologies or companies
Our Favorite Company Research Sites

Hoover's - 10,000 company descriptions; 2500 detailed profiles. - Charges a fee but can get pretty much anything.
FreeEdgar - Business, financial and competitive information derived from US Securities and Exchange commision... better than the official SEC Filings.
YahooCompanyNews - Information on over 9,000 public companies, including contact information, business summaries, officer and employeee information, sector and industry classifications, business and earnings announcement summaries, and financial statistics and ratios.
Google Finance - Google information on publicly held companies.
TSNN - Searchable database of all trade shows
Bvents - Another searchable database of all trade shows
Confab - Online index of over 16,000 conferences and trade shows "search, track, discuss and review any conference, speaker, or session."

Marketingsource - Directory of Associations

Additional Research Sites for Specific Subjects
International Trade International Finance and Trade Web sites in England, The European Union, Eastern Europe, Japan, and the Pacific Rim.
Business Databases There are a large number of databases that are available on the internet. These are our best picks.
General Reference/Other Top business schools, business planning resources, government sites, Sic Code Finder, other miscellaneous
Legal and Accounting Links to accounting sites and accounting firms, consumer price index, legal sites and legal firms, sites containing searchable online statutes, cases and legal materials
Miscellaneous - Search Engines and Directories, General Reference and Expert Information, News Groups, Chat, ICQ, On-Line News, Travel Related Information, Investing, Jobs and Careers, Loans and Mortgages, Health Care and Fitness, Entertainment and Recreation
Business Travel - Find the best air fares and the lowest car rental rates. Includes links to OAG, Sabre Travelocity, and the Internet Travel Network. The Weather Site - find out what the weather will be when you get there. If you are traveling abroad, get U.S. State Department Travel Advisories. Custom generate street maps on line.
Healthcare Industry Sites
Business Services and Favorite Sites
Corporate Lawyer Telephone Consultations - Get a convenient one hour online telephone consultation about complex business and corporate legal matters with a sophisticated corporate lawyer... a second opinion if you are uncomfortable with your current advice... or just a convenient sounding board without having to go courting a new law firm.
Locating Consultants Experts Available Online, Money & Finance Experts, Marketing Consultants, Information Technology Consultants
Buyerzone - Make multiple vendors bid for your business (for 115 catagories of business purchases). "Since 1992, we've helped millions of companies save and spend wisely on products and services that help them run their businesses." 125 Walnut Street Watertown, MA 02472(888) 393-5000 (617) 868-5757 fax (617) 868-6161 (sting someone who is bad mouthing you) - Getting back stabbed? Find out what they are really saying about you. You can't sue them with proof... for a fee you get that proof!
JVSeek - Joint Venture Search Engine. You can search for joint venture opportunities in Asia, America, Africa and Europe. Projects from "$250,000 to $1 billion". Its pretty good... and its free. They also have a free newsletter. Their parent site is also a good source for potential business opportunities.
VistaPrint - Low cost business cards for small businesses. A nice selection to choose from and order on-line.
USPTO databases - Free trademark and patent searches searches. Not as good as professional searches that include information on unregistrated trademarks from private databases... but still not bad for a free government service.

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Sahakian's Due Diligence Checklists
A 118 page set of checklists. Questions to ask before you buy or partner with a company.
Table of Contents
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Start your Online Due Diligence Research Right Now with InvestigatorPro:
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Partnering Kit

The Executive Partnering Kit - One copy each of: Corporate Partnering, A "How To" Handbook, Sahakian's Key Partnering Checklists, and Sahakian's Due Diligence Checklists. Includes over 100 partnering examples. The "Deadly Dozen" most dangerous mistakes. How to use 25 basic partnering agreements and 10 basic partnering structures. 7 funding techniques, 8 ways to handle deadlocks, the 5 basic buy/sell structures. Checklists for: Marketing and Distribution Agreements, License Agreements, R&D Agreements, Manufacturing / Supply, Outsourcing, Facilities Management, Guarantees, Letters of Credit, Proprietary Rights, and Non-competition Agreements.